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New Property Sales and Rentals

Do you want to sell you property but would prefer to avoid estate agents fees? Or do you want an additional marketing strategy as well as using an agent.

Well, Quest Bulgaria has the answer - Our NEW business directory located in our Property section – Property Sales and Rentals can help market your property for the small annual fee of 5 Euros.

Quest Bulgaria is one of the leading platforms for investors and with over 10 000 unique visitors to our site every we can provide the traffic to view your property.

Helpful tips on selling

Overpricing can be the worst thing a seller and estate agent can do. It can appear attractive if there is a high price tag to your property but it is only worth what a buyer will pay.

1. Do your homework and compare your property with others in the area, research on the internet and it will save you lot of time and disappointment.

2. The property market in Bulgaria is a buyers market at the moment, and although prices have stabilised during the past year there are still thousands of excellent bargains out there.

3. The internet is a tool where buyers can compare, so be realistic with the pricing.

4. Remember you will have to deal with the viewing arrangement of potential buyers and legal matters, but it could save you a considerable amount of money when it comes to selling your property.

5. If you want to do it alone don’t miss out on this great opportunity to advertise with us and let us help you sell your property.

Calling small real estate agents

If you are a smaller business and are looking for more exposure we can advertise and market your star buys. Please contact us for full details.

See our Property Sales and Rentals 

Contact us and let Quest Bulgaria help you