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Events in Bulgaria in August

Here is a list of dates of folk festivals and music events throughout Bulgaria in August. If you are visiting the country and fancy trying a new experience and one of these listed events, there is almost a guarantee that the sun will shine for you as the weather this year in Bulgaria is forecast to be very hot and sunny.


August 1-3 Dorkovo, Municipality Rakitovo International festival of folklore

August 2, Varna International Folklore Festival Varna-the twentieth jubilee International Folk Festival will be held from 2 to 6 August 2013 in Varna. In the Festival dance ensembles for traditional and elaborated folklore from all age groups.

August 2-3, Lozenets, Tsarevo Municipality International Jazz Festival

August 3-8, Bourgas National competition for popular music "Bourgas and the Sea"

August 4-8, Predela area, Razlog Municipality Fair "Pirin Sings"

August 5, major general toshevo, the next generation rock – the second edition of rock and metal fest in General Toshevo will be held from 5 to 7 August 2013. There will 23 rock and metal bands from Romania and Bulgarian to delight the most loyal fans in the first weekend of August.

August 5, Tsarevets, national folk festival – the aim of the Festival is to preserve, promote and develop the national song and dance art of Bulgarian. Organizer is a Civic Centre – national Chitalishte "light" – Tsarevets 1927   Tsarevets, Svishtov Municipality.

August 6, in the magical Rhodopi village of Gela there will be the annual organized traditional folklore gathering and features a bagpipe contest and traditions; it will take place on the meadows around the chapel "St. Elijah "above the village.

August 7- 8, Arbanasi, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Festival "Arbanasi summer music"

August 8-13, Bansko, Bansko Jazz Fest – concerts, performed on the outdoor stage in the center of Bansko, the square "Nikola vaptsarov", traditionally the event is free and draws audiences who enjoy the diverse range in jazz.

August 10-31, Kranevo, Balchik Municipality International Festival "Slavonic wreath"

August 14-17, Primorsko International Festival of Contemporary Dance

August 15-18, Oreshak, Troyan Municipality Traditional Crafts Fair

August 15-18 Oriahovo Brass Band Festival "Diko Iliev"

August 15-8, Nessebar Feast of Nessebar and wake

August 17-18, "Petrova Niva" area, Malko Tarnovo Municipality National Memorial Gathering

August 19, Sarnitsa, the Festival aspires to the creation, dissemination and preservation of Bulgarian cultural values in the field of music, audiovisual, theater, architecture and circus art. An open stage for the holding of the Festival is the area envisaged for hiking and camping in the protected area "Balt Boaz".

August 19, Zheravna Festival of the national costume in the zheravna village will bring together thousands of people from all over the Bulgarian to sing, play and dance as their great grandfathers and grandmothers did 100-150 years before. The only thing that unites them is that everyone will be dressed in folk costumes. Everyone will be dressed up in ancient clothing replicating its origin or craft.

August 19, folk festival Belintash Fest – "a feeling of eternity" is the motto under which this year's Festival is held in the mystical countryside of Belintash. Anyone can wear a costume or suit from the beginning of the last century and feel part of the Bulgarian history.

August 19-21, Vrata, Asenovgrad Municipality Folk Festival BELINTASHFES

August 19-8, Seven Lakes (The Kidney) Paneurhythmy of the White Brotherhood

August 19-23, Burgas International Folklore Festival

August 20, Tsarevo, Youth Festival "Priests of muses" – the traditional arts festival will bring together for the sixth consecutive year in Tsarevo talented children and young people from all over the Bulgarian. Participation will be representatives from several European countries and the United States. In the ten festival days they will sing, dance and play the traveling scenes in Tsarevo, Primorsko, Ahtopol and Sinemoretz.

August 20, Varna, East noise fest – Varna will once again play host to a two-day hardcore punk Festival in the summer. This time it will be held in "Three Lions Pub" – slaveykov square, next to the railway station, in the framework of the 20th and 21st August.

August 20-27 Balchik International music festival

August 22-23 Malko Tarnovo Fire-dancing

August 24-25 Devin International Music Festival for people with disability

August 24-25 Ethnographic museum complex - Gabrovo Folklore Festival "The Wedding - Unity and Diversity"

August 25-26 Sliven Festival of Karakachans "Karandila"

August 26, Minda rock fest has a unique atmosphere of rock, blues, and this is rock in the village, in the middle of the mountains, which is bustling with foreigners. The rock fest has pretty good groups, beer and a Grill, and also a campsite. The rock fest takes place in the village of Minda and there are sales of books, ethnographic artefacts

August 26-31 Primorsko International Folklore Festival "Primorsko"

August 27, Sozopol, Apolonia Festival – the classic Arts Festival in Bulgaria, Sozopol runs into early September, with the last rays of summer, there is collection of artists during ten days, with a variety of events and themed scenes.

August 29 to September 7 Sozopol Apollonia Festival of Arts

August 30-31, Bansko Opera Fest

August 31, Tsarevo International Art Festival "Nestia"

With so much going on in Bulgaria in August you can be sure that you can find the time to sample at least one of these special events.