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Bulgarian Estate Agents Report

Bulgarian estate agents have reported that property prices in the Bulgarian property market have this year so far revealed relatively little change and remained for the first half of 2013 stable.

Apartments in the capital city of Sofia and other larger cities within Bulgaria have shown variations in prices per square meter ranging from minus 2% to 2%. Market property analysts forecast that by the end of 2013 they could fluctuate as low as minus 5% to 2%. Property experts predict that during the next 6 months the secondary housing market will lead the way in the

Bulgarian property market

According to Bulgarian estate agents buyers have continued to show the main interest in the more expensive cities of Sofia and Plovdiv.

Burgas and Varna are still the number one cities with Russian investors who mainly prefer the Black sea coast. Coastal properties have continued to lead the Bulgarian property market for the past year and the demand has remained consistent this summer so far.

Bulgaria's agricultural land sector has continued to display movement over the past few years. In addition there is the tendency for owners to sell agricultural land to fund and purchase residential property. This has been widespread within the country and is expected to continue in the near future.

Bulgarian interest, buy to let...

Bulgarian estate agents have discovered that data shows a large number of Bulgarian's living and working abroad are deciding to take advantage of the competitive property prices back home in Bulgaria, often with the help of consumer loans from the country to which they have located.

The interest has lead to an increase in apartment sales with the intention to rent out from Bulgarian buyers who have left the country to work abroad and Bulgarian estate agents report this to be fairly consistent until the end of the year.


The market was not what it once was and some sellers are holding out for the price and are hoping to see a positive future, others are dropping the cost but at a slower rate than before. There is still a wealth of bargains to be found if you are considering purchasing in Bulgaria, and ample choice to suit lifestyles. The news for 2013 in general is that there have been registered small positive changes and witnessed less of a price fall this past year. Bulgarian estate agents are still getting interest from buyers although not on the scale as before.