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24 May Bulgarian Holiday | Slavonic Literature and Education and Culture

May 24 marks the Bulgarian celebrations for both Slavonic Literature and Education and Culture. Bulgarians situated all over the globe will gather to enjoy the festivities of this double celebration of this 24 May Bulgarian Holiday.


Slavonic Literature Day
The very first Slavonic alphabet was created by two Greek brothers back in the 9th century. St. Cyril and St. Methodius founded first the Glagolitic and later the Cyrillic alphabet, both making up to being the oldest of the Slavic alphabets. It is thought that the brothers who were also known as the Thessalonian brothers developed the alphabets alongside their students in order to translate scripts including the Holy Bible into a readable version in all of the Slavonic languages.

In 1881 Saints Cyril and Methodius were granted a place in the canon of saints for their great contributions to the linguistics world.

Cyril later became a monk until his untimely death shortly after on 14 February 869 and Methodius passed away on 6 April 885.

In 1980, Pope John Paul II announced that both saints would become Co-patrons of Europe.

Slavonic Bible
Cyril and Methodius were responsible for the first Slavonic Bible, which is also the oldest Slavonic Bible in history and was completed in A.D. 863. There intension was to construct a number of churches to allow a place to worship for those who speak the Slavonic language. They would first have to translate the First Testament and the book of psalms. After Cyril's passing Methodius and his disciples would continue to translate other scripts of religious teaching and before his own death he had successfully completed the translation of the Old Testament.

24 May Bulgarian Holiday
The Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature Day is the oldest national holiday in Bulgaria. The feast of the Saint Brothers Cyril and Methodius has actually been celebrated every year since 1851. The decision to make this a national holiday celebration was decided shortly after Saints Cyril and Methodius were canonized in 1881. Prior to this the saints days were celebrated separately on the anniversary of their deaths.

Both Saints Cyril and Methodius are very much a part of the Bulgarian national library where they are now patrons. A visit to any church in Bulgaria will present you with an icon of the saints and this is an important part of keeping their names and spirit alive.

The 24 May Bulgarian holiday will be celebrated this year in the tradition way that it has kept up since the very start, with the first festivities beginning at the Eparchy School St Cyril and Methodius in the city of Plovdiv.