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It is Said that Gabrovians...

Gabrovo is beautiful city in Bulgaria. The people who live there are so provident, that they are almost tight-fisted. The House of the humour and Satire serves as a cultural institute, a centre, museum and gallery to popularise comic art. It is also a guide to the famous sense of humour of Gabrovo.

Gabrovians always take their guests to the neighbours to assure them of the neighbours' hospitality;


  • Gabrovo grannies were first to grow the seeds of knitted wear and textile revolution;
  • Gabrovians stop their clocks overnight to save wear on the works;
  • Cut of the tails of their cats to close the door quickly and save heat when letting a cat out;
  • It is Gabrovians we are indebted to for the invention of engineless cars;
  • A poor man - real devil.
  • In the beginning it was the anvil; then followed the anecdote;
  • Gabrovians enjoy their clothes 4 times:

- When the clothes are new,
- turned inside out ,
- when the clothes are patched up,
- when the clothes are sold to a museum.

  • Long before science had its say Gabrovians proved that hens ‘laying capacity can be doubled if the lights were left on at night;
  • One oil lamp - that lights two rooms.
  • Gabrovians buy only knotty wood, thus they can warm up twice - while chopping it and when building a fire.
  • Build their houses with a narrow ground floor and a first flour jutting out over the street to save money on the land;
  • Buy their hens on the other side of the Balkan range, out of each tunnel, the hens would think it daybreak again and would lay another egg;
  • Seven Gabrovians shared one spoon to eat , and when a robber passed by, no one took notice, for everybody's eyes were fixed on the spoon;
  • Fit taps to their eggs so as to be able to draw as much as is needed since putting a whole egg in the broth is sheer wastefulness;
  • Old Minyo the priest's fare was so meager that even a fly wouldn't land on it; this was a short trip to the Bulgarian capital of humour. As Gabrovians love to say: "Welcome and Goodbye". Enjoy!