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Top 5 European Destinations for Vampire Fanatics

With vampires at the peak of their popularity these days, those who have a fascination with vampires or just want to add some excitement to Halloween this year might want to consider planning a trip to one of these five fabulous European destinations.

From vampire skeletons in Bulgaria to the legendary Bran Castle in Romania, vampire fanatics are sure to find something that will satisfy their unique tastes.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Just recently, a 700-year-old skeleton was put on display at the Natural Museum of Natural History in Sofia, Bulgaria. The skeleton has already caused quite the frenzy in the media
-- it is one of two that were found in the Black Sea town of Sozopol with piercings through their chest with iron rods that were reportedly supposed to prevent the bodies from turning into vampires.

Tourists from all corners of the planet have been inquiring about how they can visit both the excavation site and the fascinating skeletons themselves. To take a glimpse of this fascinating medieval artifact, visit the National Museum of Natural History, home to more than 650,000 exhibits. It's open every day of the year except major holidays: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Musée des Vampires, France

Combine a trip to beautiful Paris with a visit to this small, private museum dedicated to vampires. Located on the outer edges of the City of Light, the museum has a fascinating collection of everything vampire-related. Walk through a forbidding red door and enter a world filled with masks and costumes, models, movie props, spooky art objects, and much more -- all based on the legend of the vampire. The overwhelming number of treasures includes the autographs of every actor who's ever starred as Dracula in Hollywood films.

London's Vampire Tour

After the excitement of the London 2012 Olympic Games comes to an end, fall would be the perfect time for a trip to experience the city's vampire tour. The one and only original vampire tour meets here, taking guests through Dracula's House and the ghosts and vampires of Highgate Cemetery. The tour is followed by a four-course medieval banquet and show. Fortunately, no blood is on the menu.

Bran Castle in Romania

The lives of most vampire fanatics won't be complete without a visit to famed
Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle. Here, you'll learn the truth about the world-famous vampire as you explore this spectacular abode. Halloween, of course, is a special event here, and on October 29, 2012, a Mystery Night celebration will be held, during which witches will dance in the dark and crimson wine will be flowing.

Prague's Graveyards

Prague is a magnificent city steeped in history and filled with cobbled lanes and walled courtyards, perfect for wandering aimlessly and discovering treasures around every corner. The capital of the Czech Republic is also home to numerous graveyards, all teeming with tales of vampire legends.

The many tragedies that occurred in the ancient days in Prague and its surrounding villages were blamed on the vampire, and the vampire lore continues today. A ghost walking tour offers the opportunity for visitors to hear the spooky and sometimes frightening stories of vampires and spirits who are said to call Prague home.