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Bulgaria An Unforgotten Land With Memorable Places

Bulgaria, a country seemingly not thought of much of in North America, but in Europe and Asia it is certainly a place for many tourists. In 2014 five million tourists visited throughout the year and 2015 looks to bring more. Why is that? Despite it being a relatively small country Bulgaria has an incredible history, and awesome sights; there have been different people and cultures dwelling there for at least six thousand years! According to archeologists the oldest handcrafted golden items in the world were made there!

Bulgaria itself is located in Southeastern Europe; with a small population of just over 7 million it is easy to overlook it on the map. Although this wonderful country is often forgotten the truth of the matter is that it has been around far longer than many other countries in the world today. Bulgaria was founded in 632 and was controlled by the Ottoman Empire until their independence in 1878. The official language is Bulgarian and the capital of the country is Sophia.

Until the year 1990 Bulgaria was ruled by the Communist party, once they gave up their power in this country a President and Prime Minister was placed as the new leaders. Though their rule was a weak one it was a fresh start for the people, they were given the right to own their own land back, and all the freedoms stolen from them by the Communist party were returned. However despite these great changes corruption still ran rampant throughout the country, this and economic trouble caused around eight hundred thousand Bulgarians to emigrate. This of course also had a great impact on the country because many of those who left were the learned and professionals in the country; and with such a small population a large emigration like that had a powerful effect.

Despite the many rough patches in Bulgaria's past, it is still a hot spot for many tourists to visit. I went twice and found it to be a great place, immigration officers were nice and it wasn't too difficult to find my way around. The food is also good and not too expensive. It is easy to see countries like Bulgaria and think of negatives because they are not often put in such a wonderful light as other European countries, however given the chance to prove themselves I think far more people would see that these are also excellent countries to visit! The people are wonderful and there are many fun and beautiful things to buy, rugs, fine dishes, certainly good food, and cheap but quality lodging are just to name a few reasons to visit. I personally really like Bulgaria and I hope that you too will one day have the chance to go and visit, because just because a country is not well known doesn't mean it isn't worth visiting!