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Looking for Summer Vacation Ideas Consider Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria is a perfect choice for a European beach vacation. Varna is not a common summer destination for most Americans, and this is part of the reason you should consider it. Varna is a thriving beach vacation spot in the summer and not many Americans consider visiting when planning their summer vacations in Europe.


Varna, Bulgaria is known as the summer capital of Bulgaria. Every year from June to September, throngs of people flock to the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria, mostly to Varna and its surrounding resorts. Most tourists come from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Varna, Bulgaria is inexpensive compared to most beach and summer locations in Europe. Most Americans on summer vacation in Europe head to the Mediterranean beaches of Spain, France, Italy and Greece. All these countries use the Euro are quite expensive. Bulgaria uses its own currency, the Leva, and American tourists will find it extremely affordable.

Varna, Bulgaria has an appeal for all types of people in the summer. It is a family friendly city. All around the city, during the summer, one can see parents pushing strollers and young families playing in the sand. Children are all around and there are loads of activities for children, including amusement park rides.

Varna, Bulgaria is also a great singles destination. There are nightclubs aplenty. Numerous bars and dance clubs line the beach and are located throughout the city. The nightlife gets really going every night around midnight in the summer. There are also casinos and other activities for singles.
There are plenty of beach options. There is a long beach with a promenade that stretches along the entire city of Varna. Just north or south of the city there are resorts, five star hotels with private beaches.

There are many free or inexpensive activities in Varna, Bulgaria. There is the Archeological Museum which houses the oldest gold in the world. The gold, which includes jewelry and other items, was made by an ancient civilization that lived along the Black Sea thousands of years ago, and it even pre-dates gold found in Egypt and Mesopotamia. There are other very interesting museums such as the Naval Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

There is also the main Cathedral, a beautiful Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Additionally, all along the sea, running adjacent to the beach is a very expansive and beautiful park. Serene and well-kept, this park along the sea is perfect for daily strolls or jogging. Inside the park, there is a zoo, an aquarium, a dolphinarium, amusement park rides, water park, outdoor theatre for free concerts, a sports center and many monuments to Bulgarian history. Also along the sea is an outdoor swimming pool that is open year round because it is naturally heated by thermal vents.

There are many and varied choices for hotels. Those on a tight budget can find decent hotels for very cheap. But if you are interested in staying in a high-quality five star hotel, you will have the chance to do so in Varna for the same price as an ordinary three star hotel elsewhere in Europe along the Mediterranean.

Getting to Varna is not difficult. Flying from the U.S. you can stop over in Vienna, Budapest or Sofia. Coming from elsewhere in Europe, you can take a train or a quick flight.

If you are looking for an inexpensive summer beach vacation in Europe, try the Black Sea, particularly Varna, Bulgaria.

Written for Quest Bulgaria by Christie Smith