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Do You Want That House?

The rise of the Bulgarian property market has been one of the most remarkable real estate phenomena of the past five years however internal factors such as over development in resort locations and the unscrupulous behaviour of some property professional has now tarnished this image. Also external factors associated with falling house prices in the UK and the drop in the value of the pound has severely reduced demand from the UK and other associated markets.

It was in this context and following our ten year anniversary of living and working in Bulgaria that we decided to write a book reviewing the workings of the property market and details of day to day living in Bulgaria.


The book took over a year to write and involved the input of various experts with whom we have worked and also valuable contributions from those that have bought, not bought and lived in Bulgaria. Running to over 200 pages it is packed with essential information on every step of the process: dealing with estate agents, surveys, insurance, letting income, building from scratch and renovation. The book gives reassuring help with settling-in; there’s all the specialist legal advice you need: on money transfer, ownership, mortgages, contracts, taxes, visas, wills, permits and fees. We hope it will make a valuable contribution to anyone’s decision making process and will enlighten them to the pitfalls as well as opportunities that Bulgaria has to offer.

We are often asked to list our Top Ten Tips, many of which you may have come across in other publications before, such as ‘get a survey’, ‘shop around’. Here is one that is often omitted from the lists that we think is fundamental. House-hunting and –buying has become something of a hobby for some people. But before you buy, do make sure whether you really ‘want that house’. It is quite possible to enjoy Bulgaria – or anywhere for that matter – without the encumbrances of owning a property. It is OK to arrive on a home-buying visit and not buy anything – don’t buy just because you don’t want to leave empty-handed.

Our book is entitled Buying a Property Bulgaria (Andrew Anderson & Stephane Lambert, Cadogan Guides, 2007) and is produced in association with the Sunday Times. It is available through all reputable outlets – we hope!

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