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Property Slowdown Temporary

Experts are suggesting that the recent perceived slowdown in Bulgaria's property market is a 'temporary lull'. The many combined factors of overpricing property, not such good credit terms and supply more than demand in some areas of Bulgaria, have all been contributing to the apparent drop in the property price inflation - although, this is great news to buyers!

Foreign Property Buyer's information concurs with Quest Bulgaria analyses and the website states that some experts believe the market is likely to pick up again at some point in the future.

This is because investors from overseas are still being drawn to Bulgaria by factors such as its strong buy-to-let market and affordable prices.

"Popular holiday resorts and city locations are still attracting strong rental yields and strong demand from investors," Foreign Property Buyer said.

They added that major cities such as Sofia and Varna are still worth more than a look.

This all comes shortly after Bulgaria was flagged up as a good market to consider by Aston Lloyd, which said property values are relatively affordable when compared with many other markets.