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Google and the Russians

The search engine giant, Google, is stepping up its presence in Russia. It recently acquired Begun which is the ad engine of the second largest search engine. This will allow Google to strengthen its position in Russia and increase the number of property buyers real estate agents can reach.

Russian property portal entrepreneur, Ivailo Jordanov expects Begun’s websites to be added to Google’s content network “fairly quickly”.


Advertisers will be able to target advertising on Russian sites by bidding on Russian keywords like “собственность Болгария” (“Bulgaria Property”) and turning on the content network option in campaign settings. Google is also likely to add some of the bigger sites like to its placement network, which will allow advertisers to bid for traffic on specific websites.

However, Jordanov warns that agents and developers “still need Russian language skills to make it work”. As he says in our recent interview, if you are serious about targeting Russia, you need a Russian language website and Russian in-house language skills.

It is reported that Google only has 25% of the search market in Russia, whihlst takes nearly 15%. Clearly this deal opens the path to bigger prospects between Google and which would really challenge for the number one position.