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Changes for Dot BG

During last week there were changes made to dot bg domain name registrations. It is no longer necessary to provide grounds for the use of a name, as was previously required.

To order and register a .bg domain name previously, one had to show proof of ownership or the right to use the name, based upon such things as registration as a company, patent, etc.

The decision on 25 August by the Registrar means that registrations of .bg domains will be accepted without such proof. However, anyone registering a domain without proof of ownership or rights, should be aware that it can be disputed.

When registering a domain, there is now a two tier system. Protected and unprotected. Proof of the right to use the name, means it is a protected registration and cannot be disputed. Unprotected registrations where there is no documentation provided means this could be appealed against by another party who may have proof of ownership or rights of use which existed before the date of the domain registration.