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Madara Horseman in Lights

The Madara Rider, an early medieval relief, carved on the Madara Plateau rock near Shoumen will soon be seen "galloping" along the rocks, reports The Standart today. Visual effects experts are working on the project to revive the symbol of Bulgaria and to turn it into a unique light show.

The light show with a hologram image of the rider will be able to be seen far away - even from the Sofia-Varna highway.

It is most likely that laser beams will be used and it is planned to start after sunset, when you'll see the horseman riding along the rocks.

It was the idea of Georgi Maystorski who is director of the regional musum in Shoumen. Together with colleagues, he has drawn up plans for the preservation of the Madara Rider monument.

Daniela Ruseva, president of the municipal council in Shoumen said "In 2009 it will be 30 years since the Madara Rider has been under UNESCO and we'll start a procedure for the whole historical reserve to be under world protection.