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First Hybrid Power Plant

A project for the first hybrid power plant in Bulgaria, to be built in the area of Troyanovo village, 14 km north west of the city of Bourgas, was presented in Sofia this week. The plant, Zlaten Yug (Golden South), will produce electricity from both wind and solar energy.

The total amount to be invested in the power plant is 38 million euros. There are three stages of construction : 2008-2009 8 million euros, 2009-2010 14 million euros and 2010-2012 16 million euros.

The electric plant Zlaten Yug has 6.5 megawatts power and includes a photovoltaic park with an installed power of 4.5 megawatts and wind turbines with installed power of 2 megawatts, for seasonal balanced electricity production, consistent with the natural wind-sun conditions.

The total area for wind turbines is 20 decares and for the photovoltaic park it will be 76 decares. Energy output from the plant will save the emission of 155,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year and is enough to meet the energy needs of 6,300 families.

The hybrid plant is designed to take advantage of the annual wind and solar energy patters in the country.

The investor is the Bulgarian company, Solar BG and the project was prepared by Georgi Tonchev, chairman of the Ecowatt Technologies Foundation. The investment is expected to pay for itself within nine years.