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New Wind Farm

The village of Dulgi Del, in the municipality of Georgi Damyanovo, near the border with Serbia, is to have a new wind farm. The Danish company Greentech will be funding the project worth 150 million euros. This news was presented by the Mayor of the municipality, Dilyan Dimitrov, as announced on BNR.

It is anticipated that the required construction permits will be issued by the end of the month and the muncipality and investor have created a joint company for the wind farm.


The municipality's participation is that of providing the land where the wind farm is to be built. Approximately 57 places for turbines, each of two decares, which are on the local mountain ridge at 1500 m in altitude. Each wind turbine will have a power of 4 MWh and a height of 110m. with propellers of 86m.

It has been agreed that the municipality in return for the provision of the land will receive 500 euros on generators plus 5% of the annual profits of the company, estimated to be around 150,000 euros. Additionally the investor will build new roads to the village.

The wind farm should be completed in two years time. The Danish company is also going to build another wind farm above the village of Chiprovtsi, again in north western Bulgaria.