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Varna Best for Business

Varna is once again in the public eye, but this time is is not for it's exclusive tourist industry. Research just announced by Colliers International shows that Varna, the Bulgarian Black Sea capital, has better conditions for doing international business even than that of the capital, Sofia.

The consulting company says that Varna is particularly suitable for research and development activites, internet technology business and call centres.

The main advantages of establishing a business in Varna, according to Colliers International, are lower investment costs, infrastructure and labour force. The highly qualified labour force available in the area is down to the technical universities in the city.

The situation of Varna itself also contributes to good economic factors as it is located at the end of the pan-European transport corridor.


The services sector in Varna is particularly well advanced by Bulgarian standards. This probably due to the fact that the city receives more than five million tourists every year.

Several Bulgarian cities are becoming more and more westernised but in my opinion the most western like city in the country is without a doubt Varna.