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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

Bulgaria has many street dogs who are often subjected to the most horrendous cruelty. Many of these dogs are injured and in pain or starving and in the winter there is a high chance that they will freeze to death. Diane and Samantha Rowles from the UK are hoping to help change this situation in the area of Bulgaria where they now live.

Diane, married to Tony has four children and spent most of her life in Scotland on a croft with many animals. She has also worked with the elderly and on voluntary counselling with rape and abuse victims.


Her dauther, Samantha, 24 years old, is working with her on the dog rescue project. Having been always brought up with animals, particularly dogs, she is particularly involved in the work.

Samantha says "Since moving to Bulgaria a year ago we have rescued many of these dogs and are unable to take in any more. It is unrealistic to think that one family can solve the problem but what we can do is to try to do our best for the many street dogs in our town.

Our aim is to get premises where we can have kennels. These kennels will be used for some of the sick and injured dogs and dogs whose lives are in imminent danger. Our aim is to also raise funds so that we can have some of the dogs spayed and neutured. We realise we can not take all the dogs off the streets but this will reduce the numbers in the future.

At this moment in time we are desperate to raise funds - as, if we can show the town Mayor that we have the money to start building kennels, then he will provide us with the place to build our shelter."

If you would like to find out more about this street dog rescue programme and the work of Diane and Samantha, please visit the web site at