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Bulgarians are Optimistic

A study undertaken by a group of research associates shows that national confidence is growing in Bulgaria. The main areas of study were in the key domains of lifestyle including work and leisure, family, religion and ethics. The majority of Bulgarians said they were happy people despite a hard day to day life and being fed up with the government.

The survey also showed that an increasing number of people supported competition as a positive social and economic factor, even going so far as to say that salaries should be used to provoke better performance results rather than create equality.

Bulgarians see their job as primarily an opportunity for both personal and career development and something which should be interesting to them. 100% of the respondents said that attractive wages are important. One of the interesting findings is that the public are becoming less tolerant of those who are lazy or idle.

Not surprisingly nearly all considered the family to be the most important factor in life and are more open these days to cohabitation rather than marriage. For Bulgarian mothers, they believe the most important values for their children are imagination, faith and altruism.

Tolerance to immigrants has improved with the majority believing that foreigners pose no threat to the public or the culture of Bulgaria.

The most alarming factor to come out of the report is the lack of trust across every aspect of life. Nearly half believed that most people would not hesitate to cheat them.

Along with this the signs are that belief in the government has slumped significantly.

The only two institutions which were well regarded were the Church and the EU, with Bulgarians backing EU enlargement and trusting that EU membership will benefit the country, showing great optimism for the European Union.

Despite the disillusionment with the government and believing their compatriots are likely to cheat them at the drop of a hat, 44% regard themselves as being happy - and 16% as very happy - and take great pride in being Bulgarian