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Simple Treasures in Bulgaria

A wonderful new book has arrived about life and living in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is one of the least known countries in Europe. Tucked away in the southeast corner of Europe it has been hiding many treasures away unbeknown to many outsiders.

Most, if not all travel books about Bulgaria cover well-trodden tourist resorts and understandably ignoring lesser-known parts of Bulgaria. These fortunately overlooked areas, which tourism hasn't affected, remain in many people's opinion, the most treasured parts of Bulgaria.

The book, Simple Treasures in Bulgaria, is written by Martin Miller-Yianni, born in Erith, England into a working class family. The former primary school teacher is now firmly rooted in Yambol, southeast Bulgaria.

Since his first arrival in Bulgaria in 2005, he has been totally immersed in Bulgarian life and culture. His knowledge, understanding and experience of Bulgarian ways inspired him to write this book. Simple Treasures is a sequel to 365 Bulgarian Adventures, written during his first year in Bulgaria, a fascinating day to day account of the trials and tribulations of settling into an isolated Bulgarian village.

Simple Treasures in Bulgaria contains a variety of titles ranging from an epitaph of a simple Bulgarian village farmer to a traditional Bulgarian recipe with a local twist; along with excellent articles giving humorous moments to more serious issues that Bulgarians have to contend with.

It is seen with a clear view of how Bulgarians live and work both in towns and villages remaining firmly family and community bound - a worthwhile read!

To learn more about Martin and his real-life Bulgarian experiences, visit his website at

The book is available to order from and costs 11.95 pounds in print or 3.75 pounds as a download.