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Wireless Internet coming to Sofia Parks

Wireless Internet is coming to the parks in the capital. The City Council of Sofia has decided to allocate around 90,000 euros to establish wireless internet in the city's parks. Currently, only Oborishte Park has wireless internet available.

Whilst this sum will not allow all the parks to be covered, it is enough for creating a wireless internet network in many of the downtown parks.


The first phase of wireless internet will be available in Borisova Garden and part of South Park.

The funds will also enable wireless internet in the park by the Military Club, the garden behind the Tzar's Palace, the square around Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and St. Sofia Church

Whilst it is commendable for the City Council to endeavour to create such a wireless network, perhaps it may have been better to allocate these funds to some fundamental infrastructure problems, such as parking facilities or improving the pavements. As anyone who has visited Sofia or spent time in the city will know, parking is a nightmare and you're often better off walking on the road.