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Value for Money Tourism

Despite the gloom and doom of the global financial crisis, people are still not giving up their holidays. The difference today is that holiday-makers are seeking out good value for money places to spend their vacation time.

Bulgaria has always been seen as a low-cost destination and may therefore take advantage of this image in the current financial climate.

Anelia Krushkova, the chairwoman of the State Agency for Tourism said, "Bulgarian tourism may benefit from the world financial crisis. Bulgaria has always been considered a low-cost tourist destination, which doesn't make us proud but this may turn to be an advantage in times of a financial crisis - bearing in mind that Bulgaria is well known as a tourist destination."

The tourist agency is going to prepare an action plan in the coming two weeks for the best way for Bulgarian tourism to combat the negative effects of the global crisis.

According to a recent survey by the agency, foreign tourists pay a package holiday rate of around 28.5 euros a day, compared with those who travel independently, who pay nearly twice this daily rate. The average lenth of stay is nine days states the survey and a tourist spends an additional 20 euros a day in addition to their bed and food.

Advertising by the agency is unlikely to increase for 2009 as there has been no improvement in the budget.