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Charge to Exit!

It had to come; it was just a question of when. Both Singapore Airlines and Air France have announced that they will offer the emergency exit seats in economy class sections as a bookable option: for a fee! Air France will charge passengers 50 Euro and Singapore Airlines will charge 50 USD per sector for the privilege.


Cat and Mouse

Consumer groups have noticed a rash of moves by airlines keen to not have their wings clipped by recent European Union rulings. The EU moves, to ensure a level playing field of fares across Europe and to ensure prices quoted are inclusive of all taxes, are still being got around by airlines continually ‘stripping out’ services and then adding extra charges for them e.g. for the of bags, pre-booking of seats and even for using obligatory credit cards!
It’s very much a game of cat and mouse with the airlines taking the roll of the mouse and trying to ensure the prices quoted still look good though no-one will ever end up paying simply the price advertised.


Special Offers

British Airways has London on offer from 86 Euro for flights from Sofia and 94 Euro for flights from Varna.

Mark Thomas, Jamadvice HRG
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