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Property Predictions for 2009

The financial landscape in 2008 has been dominated by dramatic declines on stock markets and currency crashes; this has resulted in instability in many nations' economies as the very fundamentals upon which stable economic practices are built have been undermined. In the UK we're living in a state where inflation is rising, interest rates are falling, our currency is declining in value and property prices are stagnating. All in all this presents a pretty bleak backdrop for would-be real estate investors, as well as for those hoping to get on the property ladder. Conversely however, in Bulgaria, there are positive predictions for the property market in 2009.


If you're wondering how you can invest your money wisely in 2009, in an asset class where there's not only the real potential for growth but where there's the possibility of earning an income from your investment to boot, or if you're looking for an alternative way to get on the property ladder, the news that Bulgaria is an affordable property market built upon solid investment fundamentals is very welcome indeed.

A comeback for 2009 is Bulgaria - and more specifically the winter sports resorts that the nation is becoming increasingly famous for. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, Bulgaria's ski resorts such as Borovets are among the most affordable and therefore popular for Britons. And with the credit crunch and high inflation squeezing all pockets in the UK, the affordability of Bulgaria makes it highly enticing.

Samantha Emery from Watford chose Bulgaria for her investment property purchase for the following reasons: "I didn't have enough money to buy a house in the UK so I decided to buy a flat in the UK and an apartment in Bulgaria to help me save to buy a house in the future. The property I bought at the Pirin Golf and Country Club in Bansko is an investment through which I gain my profit from renting - in all honesty I cannot see how the Pirin Golf and Country club will not succeed in making me money, after all it is a 5 star development in a prime location in one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria!"

Samantha bought her property through the investment team at Experience International who currently have another stunning development available in the Telegraph's 'favourite of Borovets. Steve Worboys sums up its appeal: "Borovets Gardens is a luxury, gated studio and apartment resort set in a stunning pine forested mountain location. It has first class facilities such as a fitness club, sauna, restaurant and bar, and properties start from as little as £39,041. This means that this development is highly desirable with would-be tenants because of its location and superior facilities, and because entry level pricing is so attractive, the yields that investors can potentially enjoy are likely to be very handsome indeed."

For more information about the above property developments featured, please contact Experience International


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