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Brits Play Dirty

Don't buy property from the Brits would seem to be the answer from a recent study by the independent company HomeServe. A recent poll by HomeServe, the national home emergency service, has revealed that almost one quarter of Brit home owners admit to lying about, or attempting to hide problems with their property to get the sale.


According to the research, 24% of sellers resort to dirty tricks to hook buyers, with many admitting to either failing to tell buyers about boiler or heating problems or lying about anything from the age of their boiler to crime in the area.

The same number admits to having lied about problems with parking in their area or kept quiet about nightmare neighbours. Sellers also went as far as trying to cover over cracks in walls, temporarily patched up leaking rooves, or hiding evidence of pest infestation.

The worrying results are revealed suggesting that a significant proportion of Brit sellers are resorting to increasingly desperate means to attract buyers.

"Some sellers seem reluctant to fork out money to have these problems rectified," commented Jon Florshiem CEO of HomeServe Membership.

Previous HomeServe research discovered that the average homebuyer is forced to cover the cost of rectifying newly discovered problems.

British vendors are clearly being more than economical with the truth!