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Make Money on Your Money

Whether you have a little spare cash or a lot, it makes sense to profit from it. DSK Bank are offering numerous attractive deposit terms, with interest rates as high as 9.5%. Why not take advantage and put some of your money on one side, make some more on top and still be sure you have something for a rainy day.

If you are looking to make good interest but only want to "lock up" your money for a short time, than a good example of this is DSK Bank's current offfer with the Tempo Deposit Account.



For new customers of DSK, opening a Tempo depsosit account by 31 December this year, if you deposit a minimum of 1,000 leva you get 9% interest, or 1,000 euro you get 7% interest and you only have to leave the money in the account for just a short six month period.

Alternatively, why not go for a Term Deposit if you have larger amounts which you won't need for a while, you'll get a higher rate of interest than a normal deposit account.

You can choose terms from as short as one month, through to long term deposits for 60 months. Deposit accounts on terms for up to 12 months are available in BGN, euro or British Pounds. The minimum amount required to open a term deposit account for up to 12 months is only 50 BGN ! There are even term deposits available with advance payment of interest.

For these and other great ways to save and increase your money, visit DSK Bank website which has an English language version at