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Your Consumer Rights in Bulgaria

Ever tried to take faulty goods back to a Bulgarian supplier? Getting no results? Then the inauguration of the online programme to inform consumers in Bulgaria of their rights is more than welcome. EU Consumer Rights commissioner, Meglena Kuneva has brought the online answer to Bulgarian and Romanian consumers. Whether it be goods bought in Bulgaria, goods not delivered on the internet, a holiday not as described in the brochure or just an abnormally high mobile phone bill.... the answers are all there.

What can you do and how do you resolve these difficulties?


The EU online information consumer site dolceta, , aims to provide answers to these vital questions. Information is set out clearly in three different levels regarding problems on contracts, guarantees, disputes and loans. Whilst the site is educational in nature for teachers and reference work by consumer organisations, the online consumer will get plenty of information. The site has been available in numerous languages and for the older EU countries, and now it is available for Bulgarian and Romanian consumers.

Development of online consumer education tools for consumers - dolceta
The EU's online consumer programmes are designed to help people of all ages learn more about their consumer rights. They are available in all EU languages and have been adapted by national experts to take into account individual national legislation.

There are four different parts available online which include basic consumer rights, financial services, product safety, teachers' module. These cover anything from contracts and distance selling to advertising and mortgages.

The online tools give you easy to use information on a range of consumer rights with practical examples, questions and answers and even quiz questions to test your knowledge.

For example to test your knowledge on consumer rights in Bulgaria, do you know:

- Sales contracts: What rules protect you, the consumer, when you enter and conclude a sales contract? In what situations does the salesman have to comply with these rules? What are the contractual obligations for both parties involved in the sale?
- Guarantees: Two months after buying a new car, you find that the engine makes odd noises; you have a new telephone and find that there is regularly no dialling tone when you lift the receiver; you bought a timeshare and arrived at the property at the allotted time to find that it is already occupied. What are your consumer rights in such situations? What guarantees do you have from the trader whom you purchased these items from?
- What to watch out for when signing a sales contract You want to buy a car. You have chosen the model, the colour, the different options and the dealer you wish to buy it from. After a lengthy discussion with the trader, you come to an agreement on all points. He gives you a purchase order to sign. What should you pay particular attention to as you read it?
- Delivery: You want to buy that wardrobe in the display window but you don’t have a van to take it home; your washing machine needs fixing and you are waiting for the repairman who gave you a quotation. In all these cases, you are waiting for the delivery of a product or a service stipulated by the contract. What are your rights?
- Cancelling a contract: In theory, when you agree to a contract with a salesman for a product or service, then you are bound by that contract. However. there are certain exceptions to this rule. When can a contract be cancelled?
- Making complaints: What can you do if a trader refuses to listen to your complaint or to admit the existence of a problem? Make a complaint? Yes, but when, how, and to whom?


You'll find all the answers with dolceta at their web site