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Good News for Animals in Bulgaria

Good news for the humane treatment of animals in Bulgaria, with the Bulgarian Agriculture Minister and the President of Four Paws signing a contract for collaboration.

The contract endeavours to ensure humane treatment of animals in the country. Four Paws Foundation is mostly known for establishing and maintaining the park for dancing bears, situated near to the town of Belitsa.


Whilst ownership of dancing bears is illegal, the practice continues in some parts. The foundation opened a park to take in the bears and stop their tormented lives. The first three bears arrived in summer 1999 and the park became officially open a year later. The Ministry of Agriculture gave some 8.5 hecctares of woodland to Belitsa municipality for the Four Paws project and with the addition of further land by the Foundation itself, the area of the park is about 12 hectares.

Four Paws also has other projects in Bulgaria, one of which is campaigning for neutering of stray animals. The recently adopted Protection of Animals Act was a bid to humanely reduce the number of strays. It is a shame though that many of the municipalities in Bulgaria are working according to the act, often from lack of expertise and any motivation to sort out the problem. Veliko Turnovo, Belitsa, Rila and Promorsko are working with the Foundation who neuter animals free of charge. Belitsa is the municipality taking most advantage of the Foundation's work on stray animals, most likely due to the park for dancing bears in the area.