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Bulgaria Sixth for Overseas Property

Real estate business Globaledge has published the results of what it claims is the biggest ever survey into worldwide demand for overseas property, including Bulgaria. The survey has analysed 1.4 million English searches made on the popular search engine Google and created a team to analyse the information.

Globaledge Managing Director, Ashley Rigg, claims that the survey reveals true demand for overseas property between countries.

"International property portals publish data on their own popular searches but the results are always skewed towards their traffic. Google data is the largest and hence reliable source of information and we're the first company to use it to look at demand for international property."

The most popular overseas property seraches amongst English speakers is Spain. Interestingly Spain outstripped France, which appears in second place, by a ratio of over two to one. "Most people in the overseas property industry would put France and Spain equal, but actually Spanish property is much more popular than anyone thought".

The astonishing result in the survey is probably the low results of Portugal which came bottom from all eleven countries with only 3% of any searches. "Portugal is considered a top overseas property destination; yet it is more a niche market than most think. It doesn't get good tourist numbers and the thinking amongst many is that it's expensive."

The Middle East is fourth in the table with 8.6% of the total search volume. Central and South America come in fifth with 8% of the total search volume.

Bulgaria (7.2%) and Cyprus (7.1%) are sixth and seventh.

Bulgaria comes sixth in the whole world, which just goes to show she holds her own amongst many other "fantastic" and sought after desintations and certainly very high amongst other all European countries.