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112 All Across the EU

You can now get hold of the emergency services across all of the EU by dialling 112 from any fixed or mobile number free of charge. 112 puts you in direct contact with emergency services.

It is now fully available in Bulgaria, after an infringement procedure was taken by the EC during October last year. Threatened with the EC referring the case to the European Court of Justice,The Bulgarian authorities pulled out all the stops and made the effort to catch up with the other EU countries to implement 112 before Christmas.

According to national authorities, a campaign to increase Bulgarians' awareness of 112 will start soon. This should now allow the Commission to close the infringement case against Bulgaria in early 2009.

"112 working everywhere in the EU is a nice present to all Europeans, and the timing is perfect: during the holiday season. From now on I expect 112 to be an essential travel companion for holiday makers in every corner of the EU," the EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding said.

The European emergency number 112 was introduced in 1991 to complement national emergency numbers and make emergency services more accessible in all EU Member States. Since 1998, EU rules require Member States to ensure that all fixed and mobile phone users can call 112 free of charge. Since 2003, telecoms operators must provide caller location information to emergency services.

In June 2008 the Commission launched a website ( dedicated to 112 providing information in all official EU languages to citizens who travel within the EU.