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Taking the Hassle out of Moving to Bulgaria

Moving to Bulgaria or to any other country abroad is stressful to say the very least. Whilst you may be excited about starting a new life, the hassle of packing up your possessions and telling everyone from friends and family to the electricity company that you are leaving is a chore in itself. Thanks to an innovation by your move to Bulgaria can be less stressful.

The new website, allows movers to update utility companies and other organizations about your move abroad and change of address. The site’s facilities mean that you only have to make one notification in order to tell many companies of your move, which compared with the usual method of writing endless letters or visiting many websites, is a welcome change.

Even better is the fact that the service is free of charge and does not exclude those moving from the UK to Bulgaria. The site earns their income from the companies that are listed with them.

The site lists 1,500 organisations, which you can use the site to notify your bank, Internet provider, utility companies and government organisations like the council tax office. The site can even help you contact the DVLA and the passport office, agencies, which are often overlooked when moving abroad. All companies are chosen from a drop down menu and then you must insert your old and new address. A simple click of the button sends a standard email to the relevant authorities.  

To date over half a million people have used this service including those people who have already moved and not had time to notify everyone.