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Bulgaria for Brits

In a report on the BBC news website today, Bulgaria was backed as a key place for British holidaymakers in 2009. The BBC took a look at which "far-flung coasts" Britons are most likely to holiday in this year in the light of the credit crunch and the pound having fallen.

Whilst Turkey is their hot tip, Bulgaria is selected amongst Eastern European locations as destined for "an influx of Britons".  The report went on to say, "Bulgaria has the coastal resorts - once beloved of Soviet leaders - on the Black Sea," says Sarah Miller, editor of Conde Nast Traveller.

"The real trend is for the 'far near'. Places that are close by - either they are beyond the iron curtain or they didn't crop up on your radar", she added.

After the festive holidays, Brits are back at work and credit card bills are undoubtedly arriving. So, naturally, apart from the cost of the holiday itself, Brits are also conscious of the cost of other "holiday essentials" during their trip. Bulgaria has an extremely low cost of living, making it particularly attractive for a holiday.