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Favoured Areas of Varna

Today's Financial Times online version carries an interesting insight into Varna, the Black Sea Capital and property in the city. The site says the city is due to get a new fashionable European look with pastel properties, a peir and a major re-development of the port.

This is part of the city's new master plan, "due to be launched this year, this will be a 21st-century take on King Ferdinand’s grand scheme.


Among other projects, the commercial port will be moved to a new site on an inland lagoon to the west of the city, opening up space for what would become the Black Sea’s largest and best-equipped marina."

The FT goes on to say that the area in the city named the Greek quarter is the most expensive quarter for residential property prices, which are much in demand owing to the attractive nature of this part.

According to the article other Varna inhabitants are setting up home in the newer suburb of Briz which is just on the edge of the city amidst hilly woods overlooking the sea and close to the famous Sea Gardens.

It also mentions the new suburbs south of the city where there has been considerable development, particularly of summer houses and villas. These are the areas of Asparuhovo with a sandy beach leading to the popular residential area of Cape Galata.

Varna is one of Bulgaria's most "western European" style cities. It has a stunning location on the Black Sea coast and marvellous Sea Gardens right on the beach.

Even during the height of the summer, you'll find the Varna city beach quite empty, with only the locals using it. Along the beach are dotted numerous cafes, bars and restaurants (including Mr Baba, see above right) where you can sit gazing out over the crystal clear blue water.

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