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Regulating Land for Building

Bought or buying land in Bulgaria with a view to building? If you have agricultural land which you have purchased in Bulgaria, or are considering doing so, with the idea of "regulating" it for building purposes, then you may be interested in a service designed to assist. Landregulation is a service which came about through many years of experience and analysis of the land real estate market in Bulgaria. provide consultancy services, working with owners of agricultural land to help them obtain planning and building permissions.

They have a team of highly qualified professionals with long experience and practical experience of changing the status of agricultural land.

If you are interested about finding out if you can change the status of your land to increase its value, all you need to do is send them a detailed plan of the land. From this they will prepare a detailed structural plan for the plot giving you info about the permitted construction parameters.

If you want to go ahead and change the status, Landregulation will provide full assistant to obtain the permits and documentation required.

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