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Record Year for BSAPP

The Bugarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation is a registered charity who's mission is to promote animal welfare initiatives across the country that focus on controlling the pet population, inspiring community action and educating the public. Quest Bulgaria have supported BSAPP for the last four years and are delighted to see that all the had work and efforts of Dr. Stoyanov and all concerened at the charity are now paying off.

Here, spokesperson Jennifer Kudashov reports on activities in 2008 and a record year for the charity ...



It is my pleasure to announce to you that 2008 has been BSAPP's best year in all of its 10 year history! Sometimes all it takes is a look back at 12 months of hard work to realize that BSAPP really is making a difference in the lives of dogs and cats in Bulgaria. On the days that you feel down about the condition of animals in this country, when people tell you not to waste your time on those worthless animals, I ask that you focus on this:

•    approximately 15,000 leva raised
•    approximately 30 dogs and cats adopted into loving homes
•    countless sterilizatons (more accurate figures coming soon)
•    3 dogs currently in foster care
•    delivery of medical services to dogs and cats who would otherwise not receive it
•    approximately 30 volunteers who we can count on regularly
•    several amazing and unforgetable rescues

82% of the funds spent during 2008 went directly toward providing food, medical and veterinary services to rescued dogs and cats, facilitation of adoption, transportation of animals and maintenance of the shelter.  

2009 is already getting off to a good start and with hard work and dedication to the cause we can surpass our 2008 success.



For more information on how you can help make a difference, please visit: