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Beauty of Bulgaria in Video

There are very few countries that can compete with Bulgaria’s breathtaking beauty. Its mountain scenery offers panoramic views, lofty snowcapped peaks a host of sporting and recreational opportunities as well as peace and tranquility. The coast crowned with an assortment of prestigious Blue Flag beaches also offers a landscape not usually associated with the sea; lush green deciduous forests, rocky limestone cliffs and rolling hills that slope gently onto miles of fine golden sand. Not only that, Bulgaria is steeped in history with many ancient civilizations leaving their mark across the countryside, from the medieval fortress in Asenovgrad to the Byzantine churches in Nessebar.

Such is the beauty of this wondrous land that the government have even financed an agency named Beautiful Bulgaria to promote, protect and preserve the splendor of the country’s natural and cultural heritage. Bulgaria as a member of the European Union is also committed to the environmental protection scheme known as Natura 2000, which ensures that areas of astounding natural beauty and significance are not targets for development and remain something that can be inherited in their natural state by generations to come.

Obviously, the only way to appreciate the magnificence of  what the country has to offer is to visit and see for yourself, after all there are never enough words to describe the wonderful and varied scenery that Bulgaria has to offer.

Quest Bulgaria helps by giving detailed descriptions and providing stunning pictures - we all know the old adage, a picture tells a thousand words rings true, but new age technology now allows us to add video footage to our site, which enables us to tell even more by transporting you directly to a particular location and providing you with a detailed and lasting impression of what a place is really like.

Check out these wonderful videos - you'll find them accessible from every page. Just look below the Quest Bulgaria Travel Shop banner on the upper right hand side and you will see a slide bar with four options, click on video and be transported to Bulgaria.