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International Businesses

Quest Bulgaria already highlighted in early January that Bulgaria was a hotspot destination for outsourcing call centres and telecoms businesses. On Friday a report by the Daily Mail confirmed our forecast, saying that many British businesses are moving their call centres from India to Bulgaria.

With wages significantly lower than even India, businesses can reduce their costs by moving jobs to Bulgaria.

The Daily Mail noted that William Hill announced about a week ago it was moving jobs to the country.

Bulgaria is rapidly building its reputation for being able to set up and manage call centres. In our report at the beginning of this year we pointed out that there are many well educated and bright Bulgarians suited to fill jobs required by call centre and telecoms businesses. Not only this, but doing so at a fraction of the labour cost of elsewhere. The Mail stated that call centre workers are likely to be paid salaries of only 1,500 pounds sterling per annum in Bulgaria. Whilst white collar jobs are attractive to Bulgarians and wages here are low, companies will be hard pushed to find qualified workers willing to do the job for 125 pounds (about 275 lv) a month.

In the current economic climate businesses are looking to cut their costs and thus the trend to move jobs to Bulgaria is likely to continue.

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