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Buying a Bulgarian House | Perfect Timing


News.bg reported that the current real estate climatefor purchasing a Bulgarian house or any real estate, is ideal for buyers, speculators, credit consultants and real estate agents.

Bulgarian House prices will continue to drop by experts are not speculating by how much and banks are not likely to relax their credit policies, which will not make it easy to get a mortgage. Real estate experts at the BalReAct conference estimate that the price difference between buyers and sellers is around 12,000 Euro for a one-bedroom apartment. With buyers in the driving seat especially those with cash, it’s up to the sellers now to negotiate and be flexible on their prices.  
The real estate market is expected to be invigorated by the sale of real estate on leasing schemes involving a third of a contribution from the buyer topped up with a bank loan repayable over a 5 to 10 year period.