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New 7 Wonders: Bulgaria

Belogradchik Rocks in Bulgaria have maintained their top ranking on the new7wonders of the world website. In the category of caves, rock formations and valleys Belogradchik Rocks has overtaken other famous names such as the Grand Canyon and Ayers Rock.

The rocks at last have an official supporting committee, which means that they can now go forward to the last 21 in the world competition, providing they get through this stage, which looks likely.

Belogradchik is now expecting twice as many tourists this year compared with 2008 due to the new-found success.

The Mayor, Emil Tzankov (and backing the official supporting committee), says that the rocks will probably receive over 200,000 tourists this year as more and more people will want to visit this amazing natural wonder. This has been a marvellous opportunity for Belogradchik to promote itself as a tourist destination. Tourists can not only see the rocks but also visit the Danube town of Vidin and other interesting sites such as Belogradchik Fortress (see below right).

The Mayor went on to say,  "Of course there is not going to be a competition like this in the next one hundred years so it is really important that all Bulgarians vote. This is the first time that Bulgaria has joined in an international competition on such a scale".

The rocks were first proposed by a Bulgarian living in Canada who said the rocks are "as  if touched by God". They also have the support of names such as Bozhidar Dimitrov who is head of the National Museum of History. The National Tourist Board also hopes to join in the campaign.

Belogradchik Rocks has received over 3.5 million votes from Bulgaria and overseas. You can check the live voting and continue to vote on the New Seven Wonders site.

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