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Good News for BSAPP

Through word of mouth and the Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation newsletter, two members of the expat community here in Sofia (who also happen to be good friends and supporters of BSAPP) have decided to donate their Dodge Durango outright to BSAPP!


The car will be transformed into a mini mobile clinic to collect dogs and cats in need of sterilization, those in distress and those in need of on-the-spot medical care.

Oleg and Dr. Stoyanov were in the process of trying to acquire another vehicle when the good news came in.

It was confirmed today that they will turn the vehicle over to us in late May early June. I have attached a picture a Dodge Durango so that you can get an idea of what it looks like, even though this is not exactly our car (ours is green!).

Some of the the money we have saved on the purchase of the car will now go toward acquiring much-needed sterilizaton equipment and other veterinary supplies. Things are indeed looking up! Keep up the good work.