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A Roof over Your Head

check the pitchYour roof is the crowning glory over your house, yet an area of building few people know much about. Over the centuries they have adapted to cater for changes in the climate and the addition of numerous high tech appliances in the home as well as modern advances in construction materials. George McGarvie a Civil Engineer from the UK gives us some inside information into roofing solutions in Bulgaria.

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Use What's To Hand

recycling old pots for flowersHidden treasures that add character. Architectural salvage is a term, which loosely describes the use of older building materials for the restoration of a property. In Britain alone, there are hundreds of these salvage businesses, which offer something different from a bygone age and they breathe a second life into items we might never have given a second glace.

Bulgaria’s property scene is developing at an impressive pace and its not just the new build developments that are proving popular with expat buyers. In fact, many interested homemakers will have often seen many tumbledown rural homes in need of renovation first.

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To Renovate or Not-This is the Question

to renovate or notThe current crisis within Bulgaria’s real estate market leaves a wide open gap for new investors, but with the vast abundance of properties

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Solving Drainage Issues

drainpipeBulgaria sadly falls way behind most EU countries in terms of drainage facilities. Drainage problems will not always manifest themselves immediately; rainwater will slowly erode the fabric of your house and problems may not become apparent until damp patches starts to appear. Failure to tackle your drainage issues can result in costly remedial measures, which could have been avoided through diligent planning in the first instance.

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Build Your Own Home

bricksBuilding a home to your own specification used to be the stuff that dreams were made of, yet when news

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Septic Tank Systems Service Throughout Bulgaria


3200 litre tank sewage solutionsSewage Sloutions are approved distributors and installers of certified septic tanks / sewage

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Green Issues

worldglobeGreen issues are everywhere these days - on the television, in the papers and part of mainstream political debate.

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Heating Options For A Bulgarian Home

firewoodCentral heating as western Europeans know it, is quite rare in Bulgaria.

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Is Renovating For You?

renovation houseIf your planning to relocate to Bulgaria and you intend on renovating your own property, be sure to think about what the renovation process involves. Have you thought it through and how can you be certain that you will still be high spirited half way through a renovation? If you are prepared to put all your finances into a renovation project, and then make sure you have done your research and sums on your finances.

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Damp Problems In Bulgarian Property

leaking gutterPerhaps when you bought your Bulgarian dream home in the warm months you noticed the faint dusky smell of damp in one or two rooms, maybe your agent pointed out a faded damp patch and told you that it could easily be rectified.

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