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Bargain renovation projects

cheap bulgarian property, plenty aroundNot much more than a year ago estate agents and property experts in Bulgaria would have said that even though prices were falling, the days of a really cheap bargain in the country, less than 15,000 euros, were over. Were they right?

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Succeed at Renovation

tips and hints to renovating bulgarian propertyMany people opt for buying and ‘doing up’ an old Bulgarian home for a myriad of reasons, some because they believe it will be cheaper than buying or building a new property, others because they anticipate the gains to be made once the project is complete and many of us because we fall in love with the idea of owning a home full of Bulgarian charm and character. One thing to bear in mind is that renovating a property in Bulgaria is far more than a quick paint job and a few plush soft furnishings. Most old buildings are bordering on dereliction. They have faced years without investment and improvements and consequently are often in need of major structural repair.

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Off Plan and Developers in Bulgaria

the off plan property conundrum in bulgariaA vicious circle has arisen on the global property market, in Bulgaria and numerous other countries, due to the financial crisis. The problem concerns off plan properties where the complex is not yet fully completed. There are three elements contributing to this situation. The developer delays or can no longer complete the project: the buyer is unwilling to complete on the property purchase: the banks have either recalled loans made to the developer or are refusing a mortgage to the buyer.

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Upping the Value of Your Bulgarian Property

improving the value of your property in bulgariaDon't move, improve. Now is the time to add value to your property in Bulgaria through home improvements. In the last few years home owners didn't need to worry about the cost of any improvements they may have made to their property as it was such a rising market. It's a different story now and any improvements you make to your property in Bulgaria need to add value to the price as an investment for the future. Your home in Bulgaria is one of the largest assets you may possess. It doesn't matter whether you intend to live in it for ever or simply sell it in a couple of years, it still makes sense to look after it and improve it.

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A Static Life

your mobile home in bulgariaBulgaria is renowned for many things; cheap accommodation and the rich and varied landscape being just two of them. From coastal properties to rural developments inland, there are masses of options available, but not all will allow you to turn the key, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and start living that dream life you always imagined. With the exception of high priced properties, new builds or completed off plan developments, you will need to find another form of accommodation whilst you or your building team work on creating your dream property. Hotel living is just too expensive over a long period of time and in some areas a short term let is not easy to find and for this reason, more new property buyers are choosing a static caravan as a temporary home to see them through the house building or restoration process.


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Coping with Bulgarian Water and Electricity

utility failures bring smells and headaches!When moving into a Bulgarian home be it a new build or a resale property, everyone hooks up to the local utilities and then sits back and enjoys the splendor of Bulgarian life until the power or water go off and reality of life in Bulgaria kicks in.

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Renovation Projects: Just Child's Play?

childs play?With financial doom and gloom urging us to hang on to our cash, Bulgaria’s low cost village property is once again attracting British buyers.

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Bulgarian Bodger Builders

select your bulgarian builder with careWith spring in the air, this is the time for renovations to your Bulgarian property. For many people, a beautiful old country property in Bulgaria would be their dream come true but what can you do to guarantee success for those renovation and building works that need doing?

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Renovating for a Profit

ready to renovateRenovating an old Bulgarian property can be both strenuous and rewarding. Turning a derelict shack into a dream pad is a satisfying experience. If you have bought property in Bulgaria with a view to renovating and then selling on at a profit then you need to think very carefully about what renovations are necessary and which are not. Not all property renovations add value. In fact, some do absolutely nothing for the end sale price. Quest Bulgaria takes a look at what pays and what does not.

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Affordable Brick Houses

credit crunch bluesThe credit crunch has left everyone tightening their belts and feeling the pinch – everyone except those of us who have escaped the traumas of the UK rat race and now live permanently in Bulgaria. However with a slump in the UK housing market and the continued growth in property prices in Bulgaria a permanent move may seem unrealistic for those looking for a property with all the comforts of home.
Those who do not want the trials and tribulations of a renovation project and are put off by the rising price of apartments here should consider buying a piece of land in a good location and instead of waiting for builders to construct the house of your dreams bit by bit, have it designed and erected within months! Impossible? – Not at all. A new method of constructing brick built homes has meant that they can be produced much faster and to higher standards and most of all extremely cheaply.

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