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Affordable Kitchen Renovations

is your bulgarian kitchen looking tired Now, with a more budget-conscious society, we take a look at how to give your kitchen a cheap facelift with our tips on affordable kitchen renovations.

We all get a bit fed up with the same old look in our homes and kitchens soon tend to start showing wear and tear from constant use. Updating your kitchen can be one of the biggest ticket items for any interior. It wouldn't have been so long ago that many would have taken out the credit card or dashed to the bank for a quick home improvement loan. But, now is the time to reduce costs and consider an interior facelift to your property with our tips on affordable kitchen renovations.

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Cheap Home Makeover Ideas

interiorwoodstainIn this day and age with everyone on a budget most are looking for cheap home makeover ideas. We frequently hear on television or read newspapers with the words 'credit crunch', 'crisis', 'financial crises, 'world crisis' - it is just highlighting the point that the world is having financial problems.

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Abandoned Houses For Sale

abandoned houses for saleAbandoned houses for sale - During your travels you will have perhaps viewed many classic abandoned houses and visualised what they would look like after some tender loving care.

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The Perfect Building Plot

a dream plotNot everyone is ready to take on a renovation project, but if money is tight, then you may decide to consider buying a plot of land and building your Bulgarian dream house. With plots of regulated land costing as little as 8 Euros a sq m in some areas, then you may find this is the best way forward. Initially, you may decide to just buy the land and wait until finances permit you to start building. This is a safe way to ensure that you don’t overstretch yourself, but can still capitalize on the growing Bulgarian real estate market. There are several things you need to consider when buying a plot of land in Bulgaria. Quest Bulgaria offers some practical help to assist you in your Bulgarian land purchase.

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Your Architect - How to Choose

Choose your Architect

Your architect can be the biggest blessing when considering having a house built from scratch and hiring one can save you a fortune.

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Buy, Renovate and Sell

buy, renovate and sellMany buyers look to purchase a run down old Bulgarian property, renovate it and resell it, hoping naturally to make a profit. Driving in the Bulgarian countryside or through any of the small villages you'll find a whole stack of old buildings in need of renovation.

The British have long been advocates of renovation and usually do a great job in bringing back these buildings to their former glory in a sympathetic manner.

Quest Bulgaria takes a look at the best way to approach buying a renovation project with the intention of resale.

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Insulating Your Bulgarian Home

insulating your homeWinter has a nasty habit of highlighting the faults in your home that summer conceals; the frozen pipes, damp and the fact that you can now see your breath icing over as you hunt for the matches to light the wood-burner. Even if you only use your home for holidays in the warmer months you may find that after one harsh winter, the holiday home you bought last summer is no longer all that it appeared to be. In Bulgarian builds one of the greatest issues is the lack of insulation. Many houses are built without it and when you view such properties during the heat of the summer months, insulation is the last thing on your mind. If your property has not been insulated, then don’t despair, it is easily remedied and for a lot less than in the UK.

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Hot Tips for Renovations

old village houseMany people opt for doing up an old Bulgarian home; some because they believe it will be cheaper than buying or building new, others because they anticipate the gains to be made once the project is complete and many of us because we fall in love with the idea of owning a home full of Bulgarian charm and character.

One thing to bear in mind is that renovating a property in Bulgaria is far more than a quick paint job and a few plush soft furnishings. Most old buildings are bordering on dereliction. They have faced years without investment and improvements and consequently are often in need of major repair.


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The Illegal Construction

illegalconstructionAlthough not a totally comprehensive account we wish to give people an oversight of the current legislation and what might occur if the official guidance is not followed.

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Air Conditioning

Time to cool down?The heat is rising in the run up to the full heat of summer and there’s nothing we want more during the midday sun than to feel a little cooler. Air conditioning units are a must-have for your apartment or home, and alternatives, such as electrical fans, don’t really cut the mustard as they tend to simply aerate the warm, fuggy air. Air conditioning commonly refers to the cooling of a room, but in a broader sense, the term encompasses anything that improves the condition of the air, such as disinfecting, dehumidifying, heating and circulating.

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