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A Static Life

Bulgaria is renowned for many things; cheap accommodation and the rich and varied landscape being just two of them. From coastal properties to rural developments inland, there are masses of options available, but not all will allow you to turn the key, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and start living that dream life you always imagined. With the exception of high priced properties, new builds or completed off plan developments, you will need to find another form of accommodation whilst you or your building team work on creating your dream property. Hotel living is just too expensive over a long period of time and in some areas a short term let is not easy to find and for this reason, more new property buyers are choosing a static caravan as a temporary home to see them through the house building or restoration process.


A static caravan is a pre-fabricated building, which is transported to a site by a flatbed truck or purpose built trailer. They do not have foundations and are similar in construction to a caravan or temporary building. They are constructed off site by specialist manufacturers who understand the wear and tear these homes face. The majority static caravans are known as single-wides, which refer to their approximate size; 18 ft wide by 90 ft long. A double-wide is, as the name suggests, 36 ft wide and is usually brought to the site in two halves. The larger size is a rarer size and is more difficult to transport. A single wide unit is a better proposition as it is far less involved to set up. A static home has been a staple in the UK for budding property developers. They are as familiar a sight outside barn conversions and rural wrecks as a cement mixer of pile of bricks! In America, mobile homes are a common part of the urban landscape with many people purchasing large static triple-wide homes as permanent dwellings and it is possible to find suppliers willing to ship such mobile homes to Bulgaria. For double-wide homes in Bulgaria you do not need planning permission and they can be sited on unregulated land because they are not considered permanent dwellings. It is wise to site a static caravan, regular caravan or mobile home onto a concrete pad to ensure that the base remains in top condition.

Clever Storage

Like the most modern caravans, a static home is packed with clever space-saving storage solutions and all mod cons.  The kitchen area is modern and with many of the gadgets you would expect in any home. The materials used are designed for years of use from multiple occupants.  In fact, a park home on a well maintained site is now considered a viable retirement option for Britain's over ‘50s. With the minimum of items, these homes are perfect for down sizers and couples who want creature comforts without the discomfort of a stranger's property. These homes offer separate good sized rooms, which feel more like home and less like a caravan.The United Kingdom boasts many park home sites and retailers dedicated to selling these temporary homes. They are nearly always sold new, although you can also snap up used examples where owners have traded up. These second hand units are often re-sold to camp sites in England, or as far as Spain and France. The advantage of buying from a specialist retailer is that they can often arrange transport of your chosen unit to Bulgaria. This is a wise option as these units are hard to transport and will need a driver who is used to transporting long and wide loads.

The Afterlife

There is a strong reason to opt for this form of on-site living, it makes financial sense and also allows you to be close to the building or renovation process. You may think that six months of rental income will be less than the purchase price of your static home, which can cost anything from GBP 8,000 upwards if bought new although second hand homes are available for much less. However, unless you have a firm contract with good penalty payments for untimely delivery, you can never be sure that your home will be finished within six months. Renting a property yields no return and your static caravan is as much an investment as your residence.

Like many things in Bulgaria, temporary homes or static caravans are a relatively unexplored market, but they are a practical housing solution for property investors who wish to stay on site. They do not need permission as they are not considered permanent.  When you add the cost of paying a landlord rent, and the unexpected delays which might prolong your rental period, a temporary home is a safe bet.  Bulgaria is seeing a small growth of dedicated park sites for this type of static caravan and you could sell your van on to one of these new start ups, alternatively you could sell it on to another expat in the same building or renovation situation as you were or keep it as dedicated guest accommodation. In some areas, cheap rental property is tight and you could rent out your mobile home in the way that you would rent out a regular property. In effect the potential for a static home is very good and well worth the investment.

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