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Upping the Value of Your Bulgarian Property - How Much Value


Long term improvements

If you are looking over the longer term of more than three years, then larger projects can be considered as have an impact on the value of your home.

Whilst they are not automatically guaranteed to generate profit, they will make your home easier to sell. Long term projects may include:

Kitchens - the most common improvement but bear in mind that you are only likely to get a return of the actual cost of this invesment

Double Glazing - if you have an old Bulgarian property, then secondary glazing is the way to go. Not only does this keep the authentic aspect of the home but it is cheaper than new double glazing, so your return will be better

Modernising - keep any works in character with the property andn don't remove original features

If you are considering adding a pool, then do it because you want it and will use it yourself. Buyers can even be put off by a pool as in their minds they are worried about running costs and, possibly, if they have small children, dangers.

Added value

The NAEA has produced data for how much improvements add to the value of property:

1 An extension - 10 to 50%
2 New kitchen - 5 to 10%
3 Loft conversion - 5 to 10%
4 Off-road parking - 10%
5 Creating an en suite bathroom - 0 to 5%
6 Upgrading the exterior - 15%

In today's depressed property market more and more owners are taking care of their home and investing in improvements. Before you run for the nearest diy store, think carefully about what upgrades you are going to do.