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Affordable Kitchen Renovations

Now, with a more budget-conscious society, we take a look at how to give your kitchen a cheap facelift with our tips on affordable kitchen renovations.

We all get a bit fed up with the same old look in our homes and kitchens soon tend to start showing wear and tear from constant use. Updating your kitchen can be one of the biggest ticket items for any interior. It wouldn't have been so long ago that many would have taken out the credit card or dashed to the bank for a quick home improvement loan. But, now is the time to reduce costs and consider an interior facelift to your property with our tips on affordable kitchen renovations.

Kitchens, being the heart of the home, can feel boring and dull very quickly. If you are endeavouring to sell your property they are particularly important to the sale. This means that money spent on the kitchen is likely to offer a return for your money. With a bit of creative shopping and imagination you can easily dispense with kitchen features which give away its age for far less than you might think. Even simple changes can make a huge difference.

Most changes can be done in a weekend and are likely to cost under 100 euros. Here is our instant kitchen facelift list:

Paint, colour, walls: Paint is one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to update the room.

Update with a new trendy colour or use wall art as a focal point. This is an ideal fix for those on a budget. The great thing about paint is that it is not permenent and can be changed any time.

Maybe you'll struggle to do the whole lot on 100 euros but you could certainly manage by making the paint go further with colour washes.

Sink and taps: Given the amount of time you spend in front of the kitchen sink it is amazing how little attention we pay to this feature.

If you can afford to replace the whole sink, then an 'undermounted' sink is very trendy.

If money is tight, then replace the tap. There is a huge selection available and some fab trendy shapes and although not all are cheap, with wise shopping you'll find a bargain buy to match your kitchen.

Windows: Woven textures at the window or modern blinds can bring an outdated kitchen up to a present day look. If you are handy at sewing, there are numerous fabric shops all over Bulgaria, so you can make your own exciting window treatments.

Table, chairs and decor: Tablecloths are a quick and cheap way to update the look of your dining table. Make your own or buy them, they are very cheap in Bulgaria and there is a good selection of place settings and napkins. Create centrepieces for your dining table. Don't hide away your best china, silverware and glassware. Display it and create a focal point by, say, lining up plates. If you don't have any china you really like, dig out offers in Kaufland and Carrefour: they have many modern designs. Take a look at your dining chairs - are they old and scratched? Whilst replacing them is unlikely to come in under our 100 euros budget, you can make or buy cushions or covers which will freshen the whole table.

Lighting: Outdated lighting is easily identified to give away the age of your kitchen. Get rid of it and replace with track lighting and even under-cupboard lighting. There are so many to choose from under 100 euros. With track lighting you can point the light to focal points. One of the cheapest ways to really update your kitchen.

Doors, cupboards and knobs: Dated handles are the easiest thing to replace and it is surprising how big a difference changing these will make. Old handles really scream at you as soon as you enter a kitchen. Replacing the 'fronts' (doors and door fronts) is far cheaper than going all out for a new kitchen. If you really need to get rid of the doors, then you could replace them with glass panel doors for those cupboards with nice things to display. Choose frosted glass for those cupboards which are a mess inside. You may like to consider going for a more 'open' look by removing the doors completely and placing whicker baskets on the shelves, which is great for a country look.

Whilst on the subject of cupboards, the kickboards under these suffer enormously in a very short time, becoming dirty and dented. A really neat trick is to replace these with a contemporary look, such as stainless steel, or remove them if the carcass allows. Splashbacks are tending to go to glass or stainless steel for the modern look. If your budget is restricted, paint or tiles are great for this area of the room. Not enough dosh to replace your splashback? Then why not buy railings and hang utensils and holders from them for things which you use frequently.

Worktops: Stained and grubby worktops ruin the look of any kitchen. They can be expensive to replace even with laminate, one of the cheapest materials. Alternatively, consider whether you can tile over it or, alternatively, use only laminate sheets. These are light and easy to use with plenty of colours to select from.

Floors: Flooring in kitchens certainly takes a hammering. Usually it is easy to re-tile a kitchen floor as most work on a square plan. Vinyl is quicker and cheaper and if you opt for vinyl tiles, they are very straightforward to lay and easy to maintain. Rugs can be a boon if you have an area which is worn and just want to cover that part. You'll easily find hand-made rugs in many parts of Bulgaria to give your home a real Bulgarian feel.

With just a few changes from our tips on affordable kitchen renovations, your kitchen can look as good as new for less!