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Cheap Home Makeover Ideas

In this day and age with everyone on a budget most are looking for cheap home makeover ideas. We frequently hear on television or read newspapers with the words 'credit crunch', 'crisis', 'financial crises, 'world crisis' - it is just highlighting the point that the world is having financial problems.

If you don't have the money to spend on lavish renovation, new furnishings for your home, then take some tips from the Bulgarian culture of make do and mend, it could save you valuable money when revamping your home. Questbg has come up with some simple, cheap home makeover ideas to help transform your house.

Windows and Doors

If your doors or windows are looking as if they have seen better days, then you have three options:

1 Keep them, they may just need cleaning and polishing from the grime of the outdoors and weather.

2 Have a new set of windows and doors repalced.

3 Sand the frames down, fill in small gaps with filler and paint. It is true what they say 'it is amazing what a lick of paint can do!'

Just by painting your window and door frames, you will make them look brighter and new. Often, the windows and doors in your home are of good quality and it is merely the faded colour of them that makes them look old and worn.

More cheap home makeover ideas for anyone renovating on a budget includes saving on the windows and doors and you will have the extra money to spend on something else. The important question to ask is "Do they really need replacing?" Obviously, if the window frames are completely rotten, with broken glass it would probably cost more to fix them in comparison to buying new replacements.
But if you can liven up your old ones, then you will be amazed at how good they look afterwards and what is even more amazing is that it has cost you very little.

Painting and Decorating

Wallpaper comes in a variety of quality and styles. It has also over the past few years made a comeback. The process of stripping walls and ensuring all the old wall paper has been removed, and applying new can be time consuming. However in comparison to hiring a professional tradesman to plaster the whole room the cost would work out considerably less.

Alternatively paint, is a cheaper and quicker option for a fast make over. You can easily freshen up a tired looking room with a couple of coats of paint for an instant result. It is easy, inexpensive and quick and you have the option of a wide range of colors. If you have a talent when it comes to a paint palette, you could also try adding patterns and prints using paints.

Floors and Carpets

If you are tired of your old, dated carpet and have floor boards underneath, then why not remove the carpet and neaten up the floor boards. Make sure that you use a sander to sand them down, to avoid getting splinters. Once you have sanded the floor, you could choose to either paint or stain with varnish. This creates a modern or vintage look depending on your style of décor with very little cost involved just time and effort. But if you like the feel of soft carpet under your feet, buy rugs to scatter around the room.

Kitchens and cupboards

Whether you want a new bedroom suite, new cupboards, a new kitchen or new tables and chairs, it doesn't have to cost you a fortune or hinder you with illegible written instructions or thousands of tiny screws.

If you want to make your kitchen a little more modern, but you don't like the price tag that comes with having a whole new kitchen, then just replace the doors. Note down the measurements of the doors and frames and choose some new kitchen cupboard doors. Or if it is just the colour of the doors that you dislike, then you could paint or varnish them and even add new door handles. Both ways save you money, time and the mess of having your whole kitchen turned upside down! You can also do the same to cupboards and wardrobes too, just add a lick of paint or varnish and you'll have newer looking furniture at a low cost!

Interior Furnishings

Has your dining table and chairs seen better days, but still of a reasonable quality. There are a few easy, cheap and simple ways to bring them back to life. You could paint or varnish the table and chairs to a colour or shade that may be more modern and up to date. Buy a nice table cloth, most Bulgarians do this trick to cover any marks or scratches on your table top. Or buy fabric and replace chair seats covers for a unique style and match with a cloth for the table top.Throws are an instant way of refreshing tired furniture like a sofa and chairs, even faded bedlinen that may have seen better days.

Start today and save money refreshing your home with our cheap home makeover ideas.