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Solving Drainage Issues


At the bottom of the down pipe, a collar can be fitted to point the water away from your property. Many Bulgarian builders neglect to add this vital piece of drainage equipment and failure to do so will result in water seeping into the walls and foundations of your house. This method is adequate, but not the best option. In addition, you must be certain that once the rain has exited the collar it does not pool in close vicinity to your house. It must drain away from the property in order to be effective.

A better, but more costly alternative is to run all down pipes to a system of gullies and then to use more pipes to run the water into your septic tank.

Water shortages frequently occur in Bulgarian villages throughout summer. Fitting a water butt to a down pipe to collect rain water is an excellent way of collecting water for times of draught and contributes towards conservation.

Drainage Trenches

Another solution to drainage issues is to build a French drain around your property. This is an in-ground trench that captures groundwater. This form of hidden piping can trap water before it enters your house. You can use the French drain to collect ground water and divert it to a low spot on the land, away from your house.

Building a French drain is relatively simple: dig a trench 15 - 30 cm wide and 15 - 30 cm deep around your house. Line the trench with 10 cm of washed gravel in the bottom of the trench. Then install a 10 cm perforated drain pipe on the bed of gravel. Cover the trench with another 10 cm layer of washed gravel. Place a 10 cm layer of straw on top of this layer of gravel. The straw protects the lower gravel and the drain pipe from being choked with silt or sediment from the soil. Finish the trench by filling it with washed gravel to within 2.5 cm of the top and then cover with soil.

Filter fabrics to line the sides of the trench or to cover the pipe are not recommended because they are designed to stop the movement of the silt. If the fabric gets clogged with silt, then water cannot find its way into the trench or the pipe and all of your hard work has been wasted.

French trenches need not be confined to the area around your house. They can be used to drain water from your garden or drive too.