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Abandoned Houses For Sale

Abandoned houses for sale - During your travels you will have perhaps viewed many classic abandoned houses and visualised what they would look like after some tender loving care.

Old historical architecture in poor condition, but often displaying traces of potential for the enthusiastic renovator.

The abandoned houses for sale will have stood deserted for a really long time, looking dusty, rundown and shabby, but looking closer these can be reconstructed into beautiful renovated character properties.

If you're the type of individual that is able to picture the history of an aged property and the destination, then odds are you will envisage the end result of an abandoned house restored to its former glory. The amazing thing about taking on a project like this is that you can once more display the great workmanship of early carpenters.

Affordable Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a wealth of striking houses throughout the country. Although most are in poor condition they are nevertheless extremely cheap bargain renovation projects on the property market. This allows buyers the opportunity to take on a project that although will cost money, is likely to be less expensive than building a new house from scratch.

The abandoned houses for sale in Bulgaria with traces of wonderful architecture will have withstood years of unstable weather conditions and neglect. Like a lot of countries the rural areas are where you will find the majority of deserted houses mainly due to the fact that residents will have moved on to the towns and cities for work, leaving properties behind.


It is a pleasant image therefore that the home that was once deserted and simply left to rot will one day become a home again.

Frequently the construction boasts an impressive carpentry expertise that is no longer used by modern builders. In addition, these old homes in general will have excellent quality features to bring back to life, and used quality materials which age superbly.

Designing and renovating a run-down property might not be ideal for most of us, however for people who are creative along and willing to focus on this mammoth task, the end result of repairing a shabby home can feel extremely worthwhile.

Restoration is a lot easier than designing anything from new. It costs less too because some neglected properties will be in better condition than others and may only require minor jobs such as new windows, kitchen and bathroom and a fresh coat of paint.


Frequently the location of this type of property is great for weekend getaways and holidays - also as a rental opportunity that generates an income when you are not using it. By marketing the property this can be a great business.

Many builders have renovated for a profit and operated this business of buy, renovate and sell by renovating cheap abandoned houses for sale to market when complete as renovated resales within the property market.

How do I Find Abandoned Properties?

If you intend to buy direct from the owner then it is always a wise decision to visit the local mayor or Municipality where they will have access to such properties and owners contact details.

Bulgarian property companies have very affordable abandoned houses for sale so if you are looking for a venture see our Bulgarian Bargain Property Sales