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Renovating Heritage Homes

The whole concept of renovating heritage homes can be a very satisfying venture, but if you don't do your homework, things can go badly wrong resulting in the project becoming a bottomless pit.

It's so easy to get drawn in to what can almost seem like a romantic dream but by following some of these tips you will help to ensure that your dream dose not evolve in to a nightmare.

Bulgaria is full of heritage and listed buildings, and by owning one is virtually the same as owning your own piece of Bulgarian history. The first thing to do before committing yourself to the purchase is to decide how much you want to restore the building, and will it be worth the large investment that you will need in order to see the heritage home back to its full glory.

So you've decided that you want to be involved in renovating heritage homes, what's the next step? If the building is listed, and it most likely is, you will need to approach the building authorities. If you don't know how to contact them you can visit the mayor who is local to the property that you intend to buy. They will issue you with the necessary rules which you will need to abide by whilst carrying out the renovation.

If you want to restore the property to its original style than it's time to gather as much information and photos if available to show what the property looked like during its prime. If some of its original features such as skirting, fireplaces and flooring have since been removed, try to visit salvage establishments where they will have what you are looking for, rather than replacing these with reproduction or modern style alternatives, it will be worth the extra time of seeking these out in the long run, and in many cases a much cheaper option. eBay is another good place to source materials and again, the cost can be quite pleasing on the budget.

Time to get modern

Renovating heritage homes to their original beauty is one thing but old houses tend to be poorly insulated, drafty, and as a result, cold. To resolve this it's a good idea to insulate your new home to the max! Insulate the ceiling, line your curtains or use curtains made from a heavy material, wooden floors will probably have gaps, so seal all of these. Look at the bottom of all your doors, many will have gaps. You should find that these few alterations and improvements will not infringe your renovation rules and regulations laid out by the local planning office.

Making money from your home

Whatever the reason you have as to how you will use your newly renovated heritage home, there are ways to get some or in the long run all of your money back. There is currently a very healthy demand from people who want to take a holiday, short break, wedding reception etc, in an old restored house. The revenue from this type of business is very lucrative and could well provide a profitable business for the rest of your life.