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My Renovation - Part 2

This is where the internet and digital cameras really helped. Twice a week Bill visited the site, once on his own and once with Lallev when he would take pictures of the work completed and send them to us. It became a bit of a ritual on a Monday looking at the work from the previous week, seeing the changes and how everything was taking shape. Paul found it especially hard as he would of like to be more involved with the day to day running of the project because he is in the building trade in the UK. We weren’t there, but could really get involved with the decisions being made, and as the project progressed it was great to see everything coming together. However I still don’t get the picture looking up the chimney!

Bill had organised the builders contract to include payments at work stages so we were confident it would all be completed competently. Problems, mainly due to weather, put the renovation back by 8 weeks as we had expected. In the end we paid in total an additional £2,000 for the extra work, which was really good considering the extra time involved, plus the builders wanted us to give them a good recommendation.

At the end of April this year I went out to Bulgaria to approve the final result and to buy the furniture, I even got Jane to make all the curtains for me. It was really strange walking around the rooms that I know from the pictures but were now real to me, it was totally amazing. In June Paul and I both went for our first holiday, he was totally speechless and just spent his time wandering around looking at the finishing of the job which he thought was excellent.

Our neighbours are really friendly, everybody brought us strawberries, (even though we've got a huge strawberry patch!), and with their help we’ve managed to sort out the basics like getting the bills paid and paying our municipality tax. I can say from one short visit we have made good friends already.

We are now in the process of getting the outside finished, which hopefully will be by September. Using Bill again at Natures View we are having the barn removed, walls built around the garden and a tool and wood shed built using part of the original barn structure.

We now have something that we never thought we would have and we couldn’t have done it without our friends and their help, it just goes to show you never know what is around the corner. Bill and Jane have made a good life for them selves in Bulgaria with their various business interests which in turn has helped us do something that gives us a much more fulfilled life.

Amanda and Paul Price